Teaching Economic Theory “Why examples should precede theory”

6.3 Epilogue

In conclusion, under no circumstances do we want to claim that the answer to the quest for the ‘innovative’ element is our approach only. However, the percentage of 76% who answered that they prefer the example to precede theory satisfies us in our attempt to ‘locate’ supplementary teaching methods for the economic theory, the adoption of which will play a role in the ‘acquisition’ of knowledge of economics - an essential knowledge - as it was characterized by the majority of those asked.

We believe that with the suggested approach the conveying of economic knowledge will be accomplished through cooperation with students. This cooperation will bring in the ‘revelation’ of the theory after having firstly analyzed examples of our everyday economic behavior.

 In this way, we believe that among other things, we will have avoided dogmatic teaching by embracing the principles of the Socratic Method[1] which the great ancient Greek philosopher Socrates (470-339 B.C.) used in an attempt not to transmit ‘ready made’ knowledge but to ‘reveal’ the knowledge through the cooperation and dialogue with the others.

Last but not least, we would like to express the hope that our approach ‘Teaching Economics-Why Examples Should Precede Theory’, on the one hand, will be given attention by fellow economics teachers and those who have to do with the general area of education and, on the other hand, that it will become the ‘incentive’ for further research in the field, resulting hopefully in the satisfaction of the students’ desire for a higher level of economic education.    

[1] The Great philosopher argued that just like the midwife, he helped his interlocutor to ‘give birth’ to the answers by asking him those questions that would be able to extract his reply.

Emmanouil Sp. Anastopoulos, Dissertation, Middlesex University

Teaching Economic Theory “Why examples should precede theory”

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